Muscle Cars + Sports Cars
Muscle Cars + Sports Cars

5 Sports Cars You Must Drive

Everybody has a dream car. The one car that, if they could have any wish, would be waiting for them in their garage every morning when they wake up. John Lamm has created a catalog of dream cars, in a way, in his book 365 Sports Cars You Read More

Historically, Portland, Oregon’s Union Station served the Northern Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific Railroads. Completed in 1896, the station’s heavy Romanesque style and
red-brick construction gives it more in common with its East Coast contemporaries than with many Western stations. Although not as busy as it was in its heyday, it still serves several Amtrak trains daily, including the Seattle–Los Angeles Coast Starlight and the Portland leg of the Empire Builder to Chicago. Tom Kline
By Rail
By Rail

The Glory of the Great American Terminals

Railroad stations, terminals and depots can be some of the most nostalgic and beautifully maintained pieces of architecture to regard throughout your travels. American Railroad terminals have a unique aesthetic that reflect the history and Read More

Trucks + Heavy Equipment
Trucks + Heavy Equipment

10 Really Cool Places to Bring Your Airstream

Looking for a good vacation spot to visit in your Airstream? Patrick Foster, author of “Airstream, America’s World Traveler", with help from artists and adventurers Caitlin Foster and Huey Reed, came up with a list of ten really excellent Read More

Hendee aboard an early Indian motorcycle.
Motorcycles + Motorsports
Motorcycles + Motorsports

Indian Motorcycle: Hendee Manufacturing Company

The iconic motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycles, was America’s first mass-produced motorcycle maker. Following a successful run producing bicycles, the company began manufacturing the earliest popular motorcycle models seen across the Read More

Muscle Cars + Sports Cars
Muscle Cars + Sports Cars

’67 GT500: The Snake That Ruled the World

The first Ford Mustang exploded onto the muscle car scene in 1964 and took the world by storm. Nobody knew what to expect from this brash newcomer with their flashy designs, powerful motors, and promises of affordability. By the end of the Read More

A view made shortly after sunrise on July 17, 2008, shows Union Switch & Signal searchlights at the west end of Alford Siding (Alford,
Oregon) on Union Pacific’s former Southern Pacific Cascade Route. Southern Pacific designated all of its lines on an east–west axis.
Regardless of compass direction, the direction of travel toward its San Francisco headquarters was always “west.” As a result, SP’s
Cascade Route was viewed as an east–west operation despite its largely north–south alignment. Scott Lothes
By Rail
By Rail

Standard Code of 1912: Classic Railroad Signals

America’s rail network is one of the most underrated technologies in the country, and it has a fascinating history in its use of railroad signals. Brian Solomon’s book Classic Railroad Signals explores the usage of these signals throughout Read More

This 1954 Hudson Hornet equipped
with full Hudson NASCAR racing
kit—Twin-H engine and heavyduty
suspension and brakes—was

in North Carolina
the home of NASCAR legend 
Herb Thomas and is thought
to have been a backup car for
Thomas’ fabled No. 92 Fabulous
Hudson Hornet.Herb Thomas’ Fabulous Hudson
Hornet might look familiar to
younger readers; it was the
inspiration for the character of Doc
in the animated film, Cars, voiced
by Paul Newman
Muscle Cars + Sports Cars
Muscle Cars + Sports Cars

The Technology of Muscle Cars

Every youthful driver dreams of tearing up the road in a vintage muscle car. But what makes a car a "muscle car?" From the moment the first hot rods hit the scene some sixty odd years ago, the phenomenon has been clear but the definition Read More


How To Repair a Group of Dents

Tired of bringing your car into the shop to take care of nicks and dents? Worried about how much it'll cost? Taking care of things yourself can be cheaper and easier than you think! In The Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair, 2nd Read More

Motorcycles + Motorsports
Motorcycles + Motorsports

5 Origins of the Outlaw’s Biker Code

What do you know about 'one-percenter' biker clubs? In The One Percenter Code  author Dave Nichols describes outlaw bikers as a brotherhood of rebels who reject the laws of modern society for a different kind of rules. This biker's code Read More

Art of the Mustang 1966 GT351 DRAG CAR Art of The Mustang – Limited Edition 1
Muscle Cars + Sports Cars
Muscle Cars + Sports Cars

Art of the Mustang: 1966 GT351 DRAG CAR

When you think stunning American sports car, you likely think Mustang. There’s just something about the mustang that is both nostalgic and intriguing, and when it comes to racing, Mustang has played a vital role in manufacturing some of the Read More

Trucks + Heavy Equipment
Trucks + Heavy Equipment

5 Classic Ford F-Series Pickups

We're huge fans of Ford's classic F-series pickups. Here are five of our favorites from The Complete Book of Classic Ford F-Series Pickups.      1967 Ford F-100 Pickup   The 1960 Ford F250 Truck, When Read More

Classic Cars
Classic Cars

6 Jaguar Cars Through The Decades

Jaguars are synonymous with British Motorsports and the perfect marriage of performance and elegance. In Jaguar Cars author James Mann pays tribute to the company's storied history, from their humble beginnings as a small sidecar Read More